Sanskar Samajik Samajik Sansthan


Sant Ravidas Kalyan Samiti Ranchi was founded by Present Secretary Mr. Manik Chandra Ram in 1986. With the help of organisation founder member Miss Anju Kumari , Mrs Kusum Devi and Mr Ram Narayan Das organistation was established and they built Sant Ravidas Temple in Aam Bagan , Dhurwa at Sang Guru Ravidas Ji Aasaram. [...]

Pacific Bins

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EQHO (pronounced /’eko/) was founded in 1996. Originally we started out translating business correspondence in a single local language – today, 20 years on, we translate over 200,000 words daily in over 100 language combinations in addition to providing strategic globalization advice to many of the world’s most well-known firms across Asia, Europe and the US. [...]



Keystone Controls was established in Newcastle, Australia, renowned for its coal industry, and currently the largest coal exporting harbour in the world. We have since opened offices in Sydney, the United Arab Emirates, and the Philippines in order to support Global Growth opportunities, and our continuing expansion in Australia. The mission of its inauguration was [...]